Collection: JBL Commercial

JBL Commercial is a division of JBL, a leading brand in professional audio equipment. JBL Commercial specializes in providing audio solutions for a wide range of commercial applications, including restaurants, retail stores, hotels, conference centers, stadiums, and more. Their product lineup includes speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and audio accessories designed specifically for commercial use.

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SRX900 Series

The SRX900 Series embodies the advanced performance principles that drive JBL's development of audio products that make a real difference in the world of professional audio. This family of powered line arrays and subwoofers addresses the growing need for affordable, scalable small and medium-format professional sound-reinforcement solutions. It’s ideal for rental companies, fixed installations and musicians seeking the ultimate combination of performance and portability

Control Contractor Series

The Control Contractor series is a range of professional audio speakers designed for commercial installations. These speakers are known for their high-quality sound reproduction, durability, and versatility. They are often used in restaurants, retail stores, hotels, conference rooms, and other commercial spaces requiring background or foreground music.

AWC & AW Series

All Weather Loudspeakers

The JBL ALL WEATHER Series is a family of high power, lightweight, 2-way, full-range loudspeaker systems, built for a wide variety of all-weather applications.

The AWC All Weather Compact models incorporate co-axial drivers for high output, consistent pattern control, extraordinary clarity with speech, and extended frequency response for music, all from very compact enclosures. These models include minimally audible overload protection, 200 Watt transformers for 70V or 100V distributed systems, and can also be operated 8 ohm direct.